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Nobody likes an unpleasant HDB selling and buying experience, especially when it’s going to be the most expensive asset in your life.

Combined with the never ending, complicated procedures, it can get really stressful when things go wrong..

At Housed.sg, we give you back the best transparency and experience you’ll ever get when selling and buying your HDB flat.

This transparent resource blog is made to empower you on your HDB property plans.

We’re different from all other property websites, where it’s always only about selling you their services..

Rather, our focus is on giving you value!

We want to help you understand your property situation completely and transparently, before you embark on your pleasant HDB resale journey.

The content on onehdb.sg gives you all the honest tips, advice and insights..

.. that you’ll probably can’t find elsewhere online.

And of course, if you do have any HDB resale questions, we’re just a button click away to answer all your doubts!

We're licensed real estate agents.

We are a team of professional real estate agents.

With more than 5 years in the industry, we’ve been taking pride working hand in hand with HDB owners looking to Sell, Buy, Upgrade or Downgrade their HDB flats.

To date, we have helped 100s of happy HDB owners achieve their property plans smoothly.

And we’ll always make it a point to ensure that you are 100% comfortable with us, and certain about your property plans, before we embark on your resale journey.

Here's our promise when you speak with us:

• 100% No Sales Pressure

• Honest & Transparent Advice

• Guaranteed 5-Star Experience

• Negotiable Commission

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