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We believe that selling or buying a HDB flat shouldn’t be so complicated and scary. So our goal is to make it simple to understand, and help you make better property decisions!


Hi, I’m Nigel Tan, a full-time real estate agent from Singapore Realtors Inc. (SRI)

This portal is designed specially for you – HDB owners who are now making one of the most important decision of your life – Your Property Planning.

What you can benefit?

There are no trade secrets in selling and buying a property..

Perhaps you are just looking for in-depth information, or guides that’ll help you make a better property decision..

Or you want to seek honest and transparent advices from a honest property agent..

Don’t leave these to luck!

Here’s why I can understand what is going through your mind now..

I’ve learnt the hard way through my own HDB flat sale and purchase..

.. seen and transacted all sorts of HDB resale cases for my many HDB owner clients..

Thinking back, it was extremely tough.

Almost every new client and transaction was a challenge to mange.

I had to make sure all crucial details are 100% right, and client’s interests are well protected:

  • Financial Calculations
  • Achieving client’s desired property goals
  • Selling & Buying Timeline to have a place to stay
  • Best ways to market a property for best results


My sweat, effort and focus of my business on HDB resale flats over the years has now built me up with ample knowledge and methods..

.. that I believe will be able to help you achieve your smooth and happy property goals.

This blog is where I’ll show you all the exact tips, info and guides you need to ensure you make your best property decision.

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