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The HDB resale market has seen a crazy rise in prices in 2021 and 2022, but was showing signs of slowing down in 2023.

Now in 2024, is your flat value staying stagnant or has it risen further?

If you are a HDB owner making plans to sell your HDB flat in Jurong, you must be hoping to be able to sell your flat without worries..

.. or better still, at your expected selling price..

So that you can have more funds for your next property purchase.

With so many property agents out there, how can you find the best Jurong HDB agent to sell your HDB flat in 2024?

Here’s your solution: offers one the best Jurong HDB agents in the market to help you sell your HDB flat effectively and efficiently.

Our strong familiarity and presence in Jurong will give you the best cutting edge when it comes to selling and buying your HDB flat in Jurong.

We have personally transacted many HDB flats in Jurong, each time giving our clients the best possible experience and satisfactory selling price.

So if you are on the lookout for a reliable Jurong East or Jurong West Property Agent to help you sell your HDB flat, we will be happy to provide you with the best Free Advice on your property plans..

While you decide whether to work with us..

Absolutely No Sales Pressure at all!

We offer superb value, highly negotiable, low commission rates for our HDB Selling & Buying Services.

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Selling Your HDB Flat in Jurong.

Do you know that Jurong is the largest HDB town in Singapore?

The massive Jurong – which comprises of Jurong East and Jurong West, takes up about 10% of Singapore’s total number of HDB flats.

Jurong West alone has more than 74,000 HDB flats and Jurong East has about 24,000 flats.

With such a massive area that currently spans 5 MRT Stations servicing the housing estate, and an additional 6 upcoming Stations set to serve the housing estates under the Jurong Region Line..

You can greatly benefit your HDB selling and marketing with our extensive familiarity of Jurong!

We are determined to help you sell your Jurong HDB flat in a breeze, ensuring that you get the most pleasant experience in the process.

Top Jurong HDB Selling Services.

We promise to help you achieve all your HDB selling and buying goals with a very happy customer experience.

Regardless what your selling plans are, or whether your HDB is in Jurong or in other HDB estates..

We can get you going with super transparent property advice – so you can avoid any frustrations, and make your best property decisions.

We’ve handled all sorts of HDB resale transactions over the years:

  • Upgrading to bigger flat
  • Downsizing to smaller flat
  • Getting New House / BTO Keys
  • Divorce Sale
  • Executor / Grant of Probate / Administrator Sale

So we are well-equipped with vast experience to guide you towards a smooth and pleasant experience.

You Can Be A Happy HDB Seller! We're Confident That Our HDB Selling Service Is The Best Value In The Market!

Lowest Commission

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no upfront payment. We let you decide the fair & fixed commission you like to pay!

Highest Selling Price

Your HDB gets top-notch marketing and full premium advertising to achieve the best selling price!

Transparent Advice

Get Real Honest and Transparent advice from us, so you can make all your best decisions!

Happy Experience

We promise you our 5 Star client service, otherwise you pay nothing! It's risk-free for you!
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  • 4 Room Flat

    Jurong East
    Sold in 1 week
  • 5 Room Flat

    Jurong West
    Sold in 3 weeks
  • 4 Room Flat

    Jurong West
    Sold $35k COV
  • 5 Room Flat

    Jurong West
    Sold in 2 weeks

We’ve transacted hundreds of HDB flats.

Get in touch with us to discover how you can smoothly make your property plans a reality.

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We Promise You Will Get The Best For Your HDB Sale!

Choosing the right property agent to sell your HDB is always a gamble, because you want to sell higher, pay a lower commission that is fair to yourself, and have a smooth, happy experience.

We know you only want the best for yourself, so we have put together the Best Package you can find in the market.

Our Low Negotiable Agent Commission offer helps you Save Thousands of Dollars on agent fees.. while getting your flat sold at the Highest Possible Price!

And the best part.. There is no short-change! We will market your HDB professionally with the Best Marketing Practices (Beautiful Marketing Images, 360 Virtual Tour), personally conduct viewings for you, and give you Tip Top Customer Service!

We promise you’ll be a happy HDB seller 🙂

You’ll love what we can offer:

100% Genuine
Flexible Low Commission!

Premium Full Agent Service - You Get The Best.

Flexible Fixed Fee Low Commission.

We empower you with our Negotiable Fixed Fee Low Commission, while still giving you our premium full agent service. We promise that you'll get the best experience, and savings over Thousands of Dollars in commission!

Super Detailed Selling Advice.

Comprehensive pre-selling consultation, advice & financial calculations. We'll share with you all the insider industry secrets too!

Top Quality Marketing Photos.

Help you de-clutter your house before taking the best, professional marketing images / video / 360 virtual tour for advertisement.

We Personally Conduct All Viewings.

Do you know that there are services that charge low commission but do not conduct viewings for you? We guarantee that all viewings will be done by us, so we can interact with the buyers and negotiate the highest possible offer for you!

Handle All Resale Matters / Errands.

As long as it is a process that we can do, we promise that you will not need to lift a finger. Just sit back and relax!

No Need for Exclusive Agreement.

We know that you want to protect yourself, so we do away with all messy contracts and will not force to tie you down with exclusive agent agreements!

No GST, No Hidden Fees.

We are firm believers of 100% transparency, so there's absolutely no sneaky fees. Every single cent counts to you, so we'll also absorb the GST for you :)

No Frustrations,
No Sales Pressure.

We'll share everything without any obligations!
  • Who are we?

    We are a team of fully CEA licensed property agents. We focus fully on the HDB resale market and have more than 7 years of experience, having transacted over hundreds of HDBs.

  • How does it work?

    If you have plans to sell your HDB flat, regardless of your reasons, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to analyze your current HDB / Property situation for you.

    There are no obligations and no sales pressure.

    You can ask us anything regarding your HDB flat, and we’ll give you the answers, absolutely no questions asked.

  • Is consultation free?

    Yes, absolutely! Consultation with us is Free. We take pride in providing you with quality advice and solutions so you make make your best informed decision.

    If you are comfortable to engage us and ready to execute your property plans, we shall then work hand in hand with you to give you the best possible property experience.

  • What's the agent commission like?

    We offer the best value you can find in the market:

    You can tell us how much agent commission you feel it’s fair for you to pay 🙂

    We empower you, helping you save thousands of dollars on agent fees.

    It is Totally Transparent. No additional GST, No Minimum Fees, No Hidden Fees.

  • Any hidden fees?

    We are firm believers of full transparency.

    Absolutely no sneaky, hidden fees. Unlike some others, we also do not charge any minimum fees. And the best part, we go the extra mile to absorb the GST for you!

  • How long will my flat take to sell?

    We never over promise, as the main factor is always on market buyer’s demand. We’ve sold HDBs as quick as 1 day, as well as without physical viewings being done.

    Side factors such as whether you require extension of stay, your resale timeline, and even your finances, might influence how quick your flat takes to sell.

    There are no trade secrets, and if a 1% / 2% agent can sell your flat in 1 week, we assure you that we can do it too.

    Get in touch with us so we can analyze your property with you, and better advice you.

  • I am looking to Sell & Buy

    If you are looking to upgrade, downgrade or move location, we can help you achieve it smoothly too.

    We start by exploring your options with you, and advising you on your financial calculations and timeline planning, so that you can make your best informed decision.

    And of course, the agent commission is negotiable as well!

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