Selling to get BTO keys

Can Sell After Collecting BTO keys


It’s time to start planning!

If you know that you are getting close to your estimated BTO keys collection, then now is the right time to start shortlisting a reliable property agent to help you with your flat sale.

What you have read through so far may sound complicated, so let’s summarize all the important things for you again:

1. Determine if you really can sell after you collect your BTO keys.

Check your BTO documents, or call up HDB to ask what is the balance you need to pay in order to collect your BTO keys.

Then look at your current finances (CPF, Cash etc.), and check whether you really can sell after you collect your BTO keys.

This is important so you do not get any rude shocks when collecting your keys!

2. Make sure that your Resale Timeline is planned out properly.

Plan out your Selling Timeline properly, so that you can have sufficient time for your BTO flat renovation.

We’re sure you do not want to be in a pressurizing situation where your renovation is not yet complete but you need to handover your current flat to your buyers.

Negotiate for an Extension Of Stay from your buyers only if you really need it..

But if you do not need Extension Of Stay, you will be able to open up to a larger pool of buyers, and increase your chances of selling higher, and selling faster.

3. Engage the right property agent.

There’s no need to depend on luck..

You just need to speak to a few property agents, listen to their advices for you..

And you should be able to decide which agent you can trust more, and are more comfortable with.


Engaging an agent that you are comfortable with, will go a long way to assure yourself a pleasant selling experience!

Become a happy HDB seller!

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