How To Check Your HDB Outstanding Mortgage Loan Amount


Finding out your HDB flat’s outstanding mortgage loan amount is important if you are making plans to sell your HDB flat.

Knowing your outstanding or remaining HDB loan amount is crucial in order to calculate your HDB flat sales proceeds.

There are basically only 2 types of mortgage loan for a HDB flat – HDB Loan (HLE) and Bank Loan.

Today, we shall show you how you can easily find out your outstanding mortgage loan amount, so you do not need to go around asking how to do it.

If your mortgage is a HDB loan, you can find out your outstanding mortgage loan amount in MyHDBPage under your flat information.

For Bank loan, logging-in to your Banking App or Internet Banking should also let you find out the outstanding mortgage amount.

Let’s dive in on the step by step process to guide you through how to retrieve the figures:

HDB (HLE Loan)

You can easily find out your outstanding HDB mortgage loan amount as of today by logging in to HDB’s web portal to check.

But, you will need to have your Singpass ready to do this.

These are the steps to get to the page that shows your outstanding HDB loan amount:

1. Go to MyHDBPage

2. Log in using your Singpass

3. Click on ‘My Flat’

4. Click on ‘Financial Info’


Bank Mortgage Loan

If you are on a Bank Mortgage Loan, finding out the outstanding loan amount is also quite easy.

Most banks should show the mortgage loan details when you log into the bank’s Internet Banking / Mobile App.

So, try logging in to the bank’s mobile app or internet banking website and you likely will be able to find out your outstanding mortgage amount.

Alternatively if you do not have an internet banking account, you can also call up your bank to check the outstanding loan, or look at your latest mortgage statement letter to find out.


Check with your bank whether are there any bank penalties if you were to sell your HDB now.

This is because if your Bank Loan is still under a ‘lock in period’, you will likely be subjected to a penalty if you discharge your mortgage.

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