Getting your HDB Selling Timeline Planning Right

by Nigel T.


When you are deciding to sell your HDB flat, one of the first question that comes to your mind will be when will you need to move out?

HDB selling timeline planning is the most important when selling your HDB flat, because you need to make sure that you only handover your flat after you have moved to your next place.

Let’s now explore the timeline of a typical HDB resale transaction, and also teach you insider tips on how you can manage your selling timeline:

HDB Resale Timeline

The first thing you need to understand when making your timeline planning, is to know what is the standard HDB Resale Processing Timeline.

The moment you secure a buyer for your flat and are ready to issue the Option To Purchase (OTP), you can estimate the HDB Resale Completion Date to be about 3.5 months from the date you issue the OTP.

This is exactly how property agents plan for their clients, provided the buyer that is buying your flat do not have any request to delay the resale transaction timeline.

Here’s a simple timeline breakdown (with date example) for you to understand easily:

01 Jan

Seller Issue OTP

15 Jan

Buyer Exercise OTP

25 Jan

Submit HDB Resale Application

10 Feb

HDB Acceptance

15 Apr

HDB Completion

So, if everything goes smoothly, this is how a normal HDB Resale Transaction Timeline will estimate to be like..

And the HDB Completion Date is going to be the date you are supposed to handover the keys to your HDB flat to your buyers.

You might also want to note that the Resale Completion Date is decided and given by HDB..

Which means that you cannot simply time it to be any date you want.

However, there are other ways that you can utilize to manage your flat handing over date.

Let us share them with you below..

  • HDB Resale Processing Timeline usually takes between 3 to 4 months, depending on the HDB Officer and HDB’s Resale Volume
  • If you are required but unable to attend the HDB Completion Appointment due to personal reasons, it is possible to change the date by writing to HDB

Extension of stay

This is the most commonly used method to help HDB sellers manage their flat handing over timeline.

An Extension Of Stay is a private agreement between you and your buyer, in which your buyer agree to allow you to continue staying in the flat for up to a maximum of 3 months.

However, there are also certain regulations set by HDB that needs to be met, before HDB will approve the Extension of Stay:

  • You must have already bought your next house
  • There is a $20 application fee payable to HDB
  • You are not allowed to rent out the flat during the Extension Period


We have a comprehensive explanation, where you can read in detail about HDB Extension Of Stay.

Otherwise if you really require, and can get your buyer’s agreement to grant you an Extension of Stay, it can go a long way to help you smoothen your timeline planning.

  • You should agree on the Extension with your buyers before you issue the Option to Purchase to them, in order to avoid any disputes
  • Try to minimize the Extension of Stay if you can, because you will likely need to reimburse your buyers the S&CC and Non-Owner Occupied Property Tax Rate during the period of your extension

HDB Resale Application Submission Period

The HDB Resale Application Submission Period is something that not many HDB sellers and buyers know..

But it can be very handy if you know how to use it in your resale timeline planning.

So, what is HDB Resale Application Submission Period?

HDB Resale Application Submission Period is the number of days after the Option To Purchase has been exercised, that sellers and buyers agree to submit the resale transaction to HDB for processing.

In short, the number of days is required to be filled up in the OTP, and both sellers and buyers will then need to complete their Resale Application Submission within the agreed period.


Here’s what you need to know in order to use the Resale Application Submission to manage your HDB selling timeline.

Upon you and your buyers completing the Resale Application Submission to HDB, the estimated Resale Completion Date that will be set by HDB, will usually be in about 2.5 months time.

So you can simply say that if you complete the Resale Application Submission on 1 Jan, the estimated HDB Completion Date should be about 15 Mar.

And if you can only hand-over your HDB flat to your buyer on 15 Apr, you can discuss with your buyer to agree to do the Resale Application Submission only on 1 Feb.

If your buyer agrees, you can pen it down onto the Option to Purchase by writing a longer number of days for the HDB Resale Application Submission Period.

So instead of the usual 14 days / 30 days, you can write it as 60 days, or even 90 days! (That’s if your buyer agrees)

By making use of the Resale Application Submission Period, you can now time your HDB Completion Date to be on a more comfortable date for your handing-over.

And comparing to Extension of Stay, if you are able to hand-over keys of your flat to the buyers on the HDB Completion Date, you will save yourself the troubles of various administrative inconveniences and fees.

Conclusion - How to plan your selling timeline

The easiest way to plan your desired handing-over keys date is to work backwards from the date you intend to hand-over your flat to your buyers.

For example, if the comfortable date that you are able to hand-over your flat is on 15 Apr, you can still proceed to issue an Option To Purchase to your buyers on 1 Jan, provided:

  • Buyer agree to grant you 1 month extension from the HDB Completion Date
  • Buyer agree to do the HDB Resale Application Submission on 1 Feb


With our comprehensive guide and tips, you should now be able to better manage your selling timeline. And if you prefer immediate expert advice on your HDB resale matters, do get in touch with us via the Whatsapp button below!

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