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Why find out the estimated value of your HDB flat?

If you are making plans to sell your HDB flat soon, your estimated flat valuation is very important as it will determine how much your HDB flat can likely sell for.

And if you are not aware, HDB no longer do flat valuation for HDB sellers now. Instead, it will be the HDB buyers who can apply for HDB valuation when they have committed and purchased a flat.

So, it is important for you as a HDB owner & seller to determine the estimated value of your property if you are making plans to sell your home.

Our data-backed home report will give you plenty of transparent insights to your HDB flat’s estimated value, and you can get Free HDB selling advice from us too!

Here’s how we’ve made it super simple for you:

Good afternoon Ms Lim! Your flat’s estimated value is $680,000.
Here’s a Free home report for you, and if you like, we can give you in-depth Free advice on your HDB resale plans :)
Valuation Report
Hi, thanks for the response. Yes, I am planning to sell my flat and would like to ask about my finances calculation.
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  • Who are we?

    We are a team of fully CEA licensed property agents. We focus fully on the HDB resale market and have more than 7 years of experience, having transacted over hundreds of HDBs.

  • How does it work?

    If you have plans to sell your HDB flat, regardless of your reasons, simply get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to analyze your current HDB / Property situation for you.

    There are no obligations and no sales pressure.

    You can ask us anything regarding your HDB flat, and we’ll give you the answers, absolutely no questions asked.

  • Is consultation free?

    Yes, absolutely! Consultation with us is Free. We take pride in providing you with quality advice and solutions so you make make your best informed decision.

    If you are comfortable to engage us and ready to execute your property plans, we shall then work hand in hand with you to give you the best possible property experience.

  • What's the agent commission like?

    We offer the best value you can find in the market:

    You decide how much agent commission you feel it’s fair for you to pay 🙂

    We empower you, helping you save thousands of dollars on agent fees.

    It is Totally Transparent. No GST, No Minimum Fees, No Hidden Fees.

  • Any hidden fees?

    We are firm believers of full transparency.

    Absolutely no sneaky, hidden fees. Unlike some others, we also do not charge any minimum fees. And the best part, no GST payable by you too!

  • How long will my flat take to sell?

    We never over promise, as the main factor is always on market buyer’s demand. We’ve sold HDBs as quick as 1 day, as well as without physical viewings being done.

    Side factors such as whether you require extension of stay, your resale timeline, and even your finances, might influence how quick your flat takes to sell.

    There are no trade secrets, and if a 1% / 2% agent can sell your flat in 1 week, we assure you that we can do it too.

    Get in touch with us so we can analyze your property with you, and better advice you.

  • I am looking to Sell & Buy

    If you are looking to upgrade, downgrade or move location, we can help you achieve it smoothly too.

    We start by exploring your options with you, and advising you on your financial calculations and timeline planning, so that you can make your best informed decision.

    And of course, the agent commission is negotiable as well!

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