How Much Resale HDB Housing Grant Can You Get?


On 14 Feb 2023, the Singapore Government announced a huge increase in the HDB Housing Grant for first timer HDB resale flat buyers.

In the announcement made, it was mentioned that together in all, the maximum CPF Housing Grant that eligible families can receive is now up to a whopping $190,000!

Eager to know whether are you eligible, and will you be able to get $190k in grants to help you purchase your dream HDB home?

Then let’s debunk the figures, and help you determine how much HDB Housing Grant are you eligible for, so you can make the best informed decision for your HDB flat purchase.

Let’s dive in, starting from the different types of HDB grants and your eligibility:

Types of HDB Housing Grants (Resale)

In a nutshell, there are only 3 types of HDB / CPF Housing Grants for a resale flat purchase.

Here are the 3:

1. First Timer Grant

2. Enhanced Housing Grant

3. Proximity Housing Grant

Among these grants, the First Timer Grant and the Enhanced Housing Grant goes hand in hand together.

Whereas the Proximity Housing Grant is stand alone by itself.

We shall explain in detail below, starting from your eligibility..

Are you Eligible?

Now let’s explore your eligibility for the HDB Housing grants.

Here’s the first most important criteria – There must be at least one Singapore Citizen, before you can be considered for any grants.

1. First Timer Grant

As the name of this grant suggests, you must not have purchased any subsidised property from HDB before, in order to be eligible. To simplify, subsidised housing mainly refers to the following:

  • BTO purchased from HDB
  • Sales of Balance Flat purchased from HDB
  • Resale Flat purchased with First Timer Grant from HDB
  • New Executive Condominium purchased from developer

If you have never taken any subsidised flat before, you will be considered as a first timer, and have passed the first check for this grant.

As for the second check, you will need to take note that even if you are a first timer, your average gross monthly household income must also not exceed:

$14,000 – for family (all applicants and occupiers combined)

$7,000 – for singles

.. in order to be eligible for the grant.

And onto the last check, you must not own any local or overseas private property, or have disposed any such property in the last 30 months.

To put it simply, there is a 2.5 years wait out period after you have disposed of your private property, before you are eligible for HDB Housing Grants.

2. Enhanced Housing Grant

If you fulfil the eligibility for the First Timer Grant, then you can also apply for the Enhanced Housing Grant together.

This grant is meant to help lower income families in purchasing their home, so it is an additional bonus grant that is pegged to your household income.

Here are the eligibility conditions:

– must have been working continuously for 12 months before the application

– gross household income must not exceed $9,000 for families

– income must not exceed $4,500 for singles

3. Proximity Housing Grant

This grant is given to those who wish to live near or live with their parents / child..

And is much more straight forward..

As long as you have not taken the Proximity Housing Grant before, you will be eligible.

If you are taking this grant to live near your parents / child, you will need to purchase a flat within 4km of your parents / child, or within the same town.

To know whether the flat you intend to buy is within the 4km radius eligibility, you can check it here in HDB PHG Distance Enquiry portal.

First Timer Grant

If you are a first timer, you must be pleased to know that the government had just recently increased this grant by up to $30,000.

Let’s give you the grant amount you will be able to get, depending on the flat type you are planning to buy.

Buying a 2 room to 4 room flat

  • SC & SC – $80,000
  • SC & SPR – $70,000

Buying a 5 room or larger flat

  • SC & SC – $50,000
  • SC & SPR – $40,000

SC – Singapore Citizen

SPR – Singapore Permanent Resident


As long as there are 2 Singapore Citizens in the household, the full $80,000 or $50,000 will be given.

SC & SPR household that has received $10,000 less in grant, will be able to receive the $10,000 in Top Up Grant should there be another SC in the household in future (Eg. SPR converts to SC or the family has a SC child).

Enhanced Housing Grant

This grant is given based on household income.

And you may refer to the tables below to determine the estimated Enhanced Housing Grant you may get.

EHG Families


EHG Singles


Proximity Housing Grant

This grant given to encourage staying near parents / child, is a benefit that all Singaporeans will be able to apply once.

Here’s the break down of how much you can get:

Buying a flat as a family

– $30,000 Staying with Parents / Child

– $20,000 Staying near Parents / Child

Buying a flat as a single

– $15,000 Staying with Parents / Child

– $10,000 Staying near Parents / Child

We hope we’ve managed to simplify what you need to know about the CPF / HDB Housing Grants.

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